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Meet the team

Our main strength is our people, who are always on hand to assist with your requirements.

Our responsive team

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Roger Hurrell
Managing Director

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Joel Barnett
Sales Director

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Matthew Bolesta
Sales Representative

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Tony Wilkins
Senior Design Engineer

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Jarrow Kaminski
Design Engineer

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Wendy Smith

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Sue Baxter


Shop Floor Supervisor


Pawel Kaminski
Quality Assurance

A dedicated team at your disposal

Sales & technical
We have a very stable workforce, many of which have been with the company for over 15 years, so are well versed in the manufacturing of transformers whether it be very small simple units to complicated bespoke units. Our sales & technical team are at hand to assist throughout the whole process from the initial inquiry throughout the manufacturing stage.

Technical & design
Our technical & design team have over 60 years of experience between them. They have worked with and designing of transformers and are extremely well equipped with the knowledge in our products giving the client peace of mind that there expectations are being meet and exceeded.

Customer facing
They use the latest CAD design system along with a bespoke transformer design programme so to assist with there extensive knowledge & experience. This with our pro active and friendly approach helps us work alongside our clients to develop and produce our products that meet the exact customer specification and requirements.

  • Very stable workforce
  • Well versed in the manufacturing of transformers
  • Assisting you from initial inquiry & manufacturing stage
  • Latest CAD design system
  • Extensive knowledge & experience