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Transformer Technology

TMC have a long standing reputation for quality and reliability of its products. We operate to strict quality and test guidelines as we are aware quality is vital to all of our customers

Technology Focused

Along with our knowledge and experience we understand the importance of keeping up to date with modern technology to assist within our design and manufacture. These include.


  • The latest computer generated transformer design programme
  • Autocad for detailed engineering, drawings & wiring diagrams


  • Computer aided engraving & labeling machines
  • Autoclave for varnish vacuum impregnation. Tropical varnish tanks & 12kW fan assisted industrial oven.


  • Single & three phase AC power supplies
  • DC power supply for DC chokes
  • Dedicated 0.20 ohms, three phase & neutral supply for peak inrush testing of railway signalling transformers.
  • High voltage flash tester, which measures leakage current
  • Over potential voltage tester 0 to 75V. Frequency range 25Hz to 10kHz
  • Digital resistance bridge, LCR meter, 50 to 1000V Megger, high current loop tester.
  • Digital single & three phase watt meters
  • Digital Thermometers
  • Various Volt & Amp meters 20kV / 1000A.