TMC has developed & designed a range of Universal Auto-wound Transformers ideal for use in American RV conversions. They can either step up or step down the voltage while also addressing the need for Low inrush and Low noise levels. STANDARD SPECIFICATION: DESCRIPTION: Single phase Auto-wound Transformers manufactured in accordance with EN61558-2-13 with a universal Input and Output. Supplied as a core only or housed in a vented sheet steel case suitable for wall or floor mounting to IP22. INPUT/OUTPUT RANGE: 215/240V : 107/120V Ratio 1:1 RATING: 3KVA-5KVA continuous BENEFITS OF USING TMC TRANSFORMERS: The same Transformer can be used to either step up the voltage from 107V/120V to 215V/240V or step down from 215V/240V to 107V/120V. Extremely efficient to give low running costs. Quiet running. Up to 8x Primary Inrush Current which will reduce nuisance tripping on site. Can be run on a 50Hz or 60Hz supply (please note Transformer will not convert the frequency). Competitive prices with quick deliveries. Please see our standard parts list below. In addition we can add socket outlets, circuit protection, different style enclosures.

28069590 M

Transformers for American RV Conversion are ideal for use in workshops, plant rooms and maintenance depots etc for hand tools.